Friday, February 19, 2010

What is new media?

New media is the evolution of everything that is old media ( journalism, writing letters, phone service,books, television..etc). It changes they way we interact with people and the way we view the world. We are now exposed to a lot more than our parents and grandparents were exposed to growing up. For example the television, when they were growing up the televisions they had (if they had any) were in black and white and it didn't come with many channel choices. Then cable came along with the many different channels when then again new media took it to a different level because now we can look at network channels on the computer. Laura sheds a bit of light on this in her "Who needs a TV? I'm Watching on my Laptop" article in the New York Times.

Actual paper books are now becoming a thing of the past because they are being replaced with electronic readers such as the Kindle. I heard some people say this can be a good thing because they are killing less trees but i don't think they stopped to think what happens to the environment when all these old electronics can't fully be destroyed. I won't get too carried away on that because that issue is for a whole entire blog post.

Take new reporting for example, its as if the public is one great big journalism community that just trades new back and forth. It's becoming increasingly difficult for new stations to keep their ratings up because people are turning else where for their news at faster speeds than the evening news. Everyone who has a blog can make news reports about what they are seeing, websites such as and TMZ. One of the biggest examples of this is the news of the passing of the King of Pop TMZ were the first to break the news and soon other stations took their news form there.

We no longer have to wait forever to receive a letter in the mail unless we absolutely feel like it because we have emails ,we also have instant messaging. This is a part of web 2.0/new media, social networking sites also changes the way we interact with our friends. We can now comment on pictures and tag each other in those very same pictures. We can know change or give our input in the things we read online on wiki enabled sites the biggest of them being wikipedia the online encyclopedia.

The way we view and interact with things are forever changing, so does that mean that every time a form of communication is changed it becomes new media?

Also how many other things has to change on the internet before it become web 2.1?...( just a random thought)

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