Friday, February 19, 2010

The Impact of New Media on Music

Providing that i get the approval. I plan to do a little research on how new media has changed they way musicians actually make music. In the past musicians would play around with the idea of a melody on different instruments until it came together they way they wanted it to. Today there are a lot of computer programs that one can buy which virtually makes the sounds of different instruments. It seems that as a result of this the actually people who play these individual instruments are being needed less and less....unless they are required to play at live shows and even this they are not fully required for.

I don't think this is entirely a bad thing but i do feel like people are willing to give up that personal feel of things to cut cost. They would much rather just pay for the programs and equipment that one time as opposed to having to hire different people who they would have to pay. Its as though up and coming true musicians don't really stand a chance so in doing my reasearch i hope to find out if new media is actually helping or hurting the music industry and the musicians that's keeping it afloat.

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