Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Check out Social Networking Sites

Ok so i'll be honest outside of facebook account and the twitter account i added for this class, i do not own an account for any other social networking site. I am not the biggest of fans in social networking sites. I must say i've come to like facebook after having the account for almsot four year but i think if my sister (who lives in trinidad) was not on it i would not have been. I really just view them as time passers that tend to get real annoying after a while. I hardly upload my own pictures... 90% of my pictures are pictures of me that were tagged by "friends". It's this weird thing where i spend a lot of time on facebook but i use it mostly to see what other people are doing and not so much of me telling people what i'm doing. From what i heard MySpace use to be a big hit until facebook evolved and myspace just began to look like a "rip-off" facebook then everyone made the switch to facebook. As new as twitter is i'm already hearing of people closing down their accounts. I just can't bring myself to even think of willing opening an account in another social network maybe that may cost me in this class but that's a risk i just may be willing to take.

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  1. facebook is the only one I'm using as well. I rarely upload any pictures and prb 99% of the pictures up are from tags, even the embarrassing ones =/