Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Media Class So Far

This class is like none i've ever taken before and I must say that when i signed up for it i didn't know what to expect.The moment i looked at the blackboard page the first day i knew it was going to be either one of three things..1) it was going to be complicated and i would have a tough time keeping up because i'm no computer wiz..2) it would be boring because it would lose interest in all the computer talk OR 3) it wasn't going to be either of the first two things i mentioned and that it would be interesting.
Well so far it has been more of the number three experience. There have been moments where i spaced out on a topic here or there but i really like this class. It sheds light on things in new media that people take for granted, things that are right in front of us that we don't usually realize and things that we just didn't know or didn't think were possible. For instance the very social networking sites that a lot of us use only recreationally can be used to find us jobs.
If someone asked me about this class, I would say if you are not that interested in new media and is not a big fan of the social networking sites then you may find this class to be a drag. However if there is one spark of interest in you about new media then take the class it would definitely open up your eyes to a whole new world. (a bit of pun intended in reference to second life...sry if its not all that funny to you the reader it seemed so funny in my head haha)


  1. so do i. who knows what we are going to learn every class before we take. And I totally agree that if someone want to take this course, they have to have interest about new media.

  2. Or just have an interest about computers overall. When i registered for this class, I thought that we will learn more about the software and hardware of computers. I didn't pay attention or I didn't know what new media means.