Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Class Wiki So Far

I have a new found respect for wikipedia because now i have a bit of an idea as to how a wiki works.It is an overall nice experience to have but it is very difficult maintaining the class wiki. Often i get lost clicking through the different sections, sometimes im on the page and i read other peoples contributions then after a couple failed attempts to add to it i remember that i have to log in first (haha feel like a dork for that one). I've added aritcles and descriptions of the articles to the music section in the task assignment area and i've also added a paragraph or two to other people's section. Working in the task assignment area of the wiki actually helped me with my presentation because i saw a few articles that make me think about different aspect of my presentation on new media and its affect on music. I sometimes feel like i don't know what i should be doing when the funny thing is prof. friedman always says there is a lot to do on the wiki, i just never know where to begin then i start clicking a bunch of links then guess what...i'm lost again (haha). It's kind of too late in the game now for could've would've should'ves but when it comes to working on the class wiki throughout the semester BUT i think since i figured out how to operate in a couple areas of the wiki i'll just stick to those areas until assigned other wise.

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